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كورس Online في الـ Histology من Open University UK

كورس Histology: Using Microscopy to Study Anatomy and Identify Disease

الكورس مقدم من The Open University (OU) in the UK لكل طلبة الكليات الطبية وكل من يعمل في مجال التحاليل أو مهتم بالتخصص.

الكورس مجاني بالكامل وعبارة عن 3 ساعات أسبوعياً لمدة 4 أسابيع


What topics will you cover?

  • An introduction to histology and the role or histopathology in diagnosis of disease

  • Development of skills in using a light microscope and understanding the potentials and limits of the instrument

  • Description of how histological slides are produced, stained and interpreted

  • Development of the ability to identify a number of cell types and tissues from their histological appearance

  • Description of the structures of a number of tissues with relationship to their functions

  • Description of some major pathological changes and their histological appearance

  • Development of the ability to identify histopathological changes and their relationship to the underlying disease processes​

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